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"Drawing and painting is something I have always done. When life seems like it is spiraling out of control, creativity gives you back your control and brings you peace. I'm a self taught artist with an affinity for amphibians,insects, sea creatures and fantasy beings ...I see the beauty in all life forms and I hope that I can shed a new and beautiful light on various under appreciated, over looked and imaginary creatures .I love the intense and fluid nature of watercolor and I like to create highly saturated, tasty paintings full of vibrant eat with your eyes first. Open your eyes and your heart to something new." - Gia Conti

Gia Conti Awards and Accolades

- Featured artist for Hedonist Chocolates 2014 - Valentines Truffles
- 1st Prize for Painting at Park Avenue Festival in 2011
- Award for Outstanding Artisan 2011 at Fairport Canal Days
- Featured Artist for Rochester Democrat and Chronicle March 8th, 2009
- 3rd Place for Painting at Cornhill Festival in 2009
- 1st Prize for Painting at the Brockport Summer Art Festival in 2008 - View the winners
- 3rd Place for Painting at Cornhill Festival in 2008

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